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Just a Girl & Her Boat…err, BoatS

I will never forget the phone call with my grandmother. “Babci, I bought a boat!”


“Babci, I bought a boat.”

More silence…

“Babci, are you there?”

Whew, who woulda thought my love for recreational vehicles would elicit such silence. Long story short, she was less than pleased I chose a boat over a house firmly attached to terra firma. In retrospect, and in many respects, she wasn’t wrong. Purchasing a house was the next logical step. And sure, it would have helped me financially to not be B.O.A.T.-ing (betting on another thousand), but I wouldn’t have been true to myself.

Twenty-two years later, I still own my first boat. And while she’s currently in dry dock, it’s for good reason (and not). She inherited a sister, a wooden sister (but her engine is feeling her age). Oh, and I did get that house on terra firma too, lol.

My original Beauty

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