Hi friends, old and new. My name is Jen Bell and I’m a coastal artist from the sleepy, colonial-era shipbuilding town of Alloway, New Jersey. And when you live where wooden boats (err ships) were once built to transport glassware from America’s very first glass factory, you tend to develop a propensity towards these beautiful artifacts.

I’m a classically trained illustrator with a BFA from Moore College of Art & Design, and a Master of Science in business development. Much like my educational background, the trajectory of my career path has been anything but cookie-cutter. My first business, DogOverboard Design, was originally created in 2002 and while it has evolved over the years, I’m happy to report we are back where it all began.

What’s in a Name?

Well, in this case, a dog…my chocolate lab, Baylee Bell. Baylee lovedddddd the water, cruising on my boat and naturally, going overboard (much like her mama)! Since Baylee, there has been quite a collection of furry friends hanging out with us…there was Roxy the Yellow Dog, Mike the Pug and Elwood the Beagle, then today we have Chesapeake Charlie and two (beligerent) Pugs, Admiral Fitzwallace and Fifi, first mate.

I hope to create something beautiful with you for your home, whether or not it’s by the sea;)